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Rwanda Culture as its Pride – Rwanda News

The destination Rwanda is one of the unique Africa Safari tour sites with exciting and amazing cultural experiences. With her three tribal groups namely the Tutsi, Hutu and Twa that share a homogeneous language, Rwanda’s culture has flowed from series of generations and unlike others that have been weakened by modernity; its glory is restored […]

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Gorilla Populations in Volcanoes National Park – Rwanda News

In the steep slopes of the verdant forest in the depth of the destination Rwanda frequented by Rwanda gorilla safari undertakers, the mountain gorillas appear both intimidating and endearing.

One of the travelers on gorilla safari in Rwanda named John Scott noted that one might not tell what the gorillas are thinking. It is an adventure […]

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RWanda Genocide Memorials

Rwanda which joined the group of the partner states of the East African Community is generally located in Central Africa and has passed through the thick and thin up to the current moments of stability that it is enjoying and the famed mountain gorilla conservation that have presented the ground for gorilla safaris in Rwanda.

One […]

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Activities in the Virunga Massif – Rwanda Safari News

The Virunga massifs that comprise of various volcanic ranges have been set as a gazette of Virunga Conservation Area by interstates of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. The area is covered by the National Parks of Mgahinga in Uganda, Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and Virunga in Democratic Republic of Congo, commonly known […]

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The Fable Landscapes of Akagera National Park – Rwanda Safari News

To the Northeast of the destination Rwanda, there lies one of the magical scenic places protected by Akagera National Park – the only savanna protected habitat in the country and an iconic site for wildlife safaris in Rwanda.

Covering 1,085km2, Akagera National Park features diverse beautiful landscapes that are marked with open Savannah in some parts, […]

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Kigali Genocide Memorial of Rwanda

The dignified memorial site was constructed in Kigali, in the area of Gisozi and was opened officially for Africa Safari Tour travelers to Rwanda 10 years after the genocide, ie in April of 2004. It can be viewed from across the valley, as a huge modern building, white in color, with terraces; it’s on the […]

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Despite the dark past, the destination Rwanda has worked hard reversing her image to a now credible paradise that is worth exploring. No wonder, Rwanda gorilla safaris and tours have gained substantive attention world over.

Following the 1994 horrific genocide, Rwanda was in a state of inadequacy regarding essential amenities like electricity, accommodation and road infrastructure […]

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The Bisoke Mountain In Rwanda

Mount Bisoke is one of the favourite attractions encountered on a Safari to Rwanda. It takes a typical cone shape of of a complete Volcano as it stands at 3700 metres and is characterized by a deep crater lake, that lies in its craters.

The mountain presents a simple hike for Rwanda Safari visitors interested in […]

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Hiking on the Batwa Trails of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park

The Nkuringo circuit is superbly a scenic area with great potential for hiking outside the forest.

However there are other trails like the Rushurra river trail where travellers have a view of the Albertine rift valley floor, Lake Edward and Rwenzori Mountains. The muyanga trail is a short trail which last about an hour. The Ruizi […]

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The Beauty of Nyungwe Forest National Park – Rwanda

Nyungwe Forest National Park – Rwanda
Nyungwe Forest National Park is found in the South-Western part of Rwanda and it boarders Rwanda with Burundi in the South. It has Lake Kivu and Democratic Republic of Congo to the West, covers an average area of about 1020 square Km and it is on an elevation of 1600 […]

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