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What You Need to Know Before Going on an Africa Safari to Rwanda- Rwanda Safari News

An Africa safari adventure to Rwanda is nothing short of an epic Africa journey adventure given the fact that Rwanda is a country that is home to a wide range of attractions that include the elusive mountain gorillas that are found in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, chimpanzees, and a wide range of savanna wildlife mammals [...]

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Qatar and The Rwanda Government Sign An MoU To Construct Rwanda’s Kigali Bugesera International Airport

Qatar and the Rwanda government sign an MoU to construct Rwanda's Kigali Bugesera airport. In the immediate aftermath of the Rwandan genocide of 1994, it was so had to imagine how Rwanda was going to uplift itself from this dreadful horror that ragged the country at its very core as there was nothing really left [...]

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The Less Famous but Rather Fulfilling Hiking Experience in Volcanoes National Park -Rwanda Safari News

The Less Famous but Rather Fulfilling Hiking Experience in Volcanoes National Park.   When anyone mentions Volcanoes National Park to a person who is an ardent fan of Africa safari, what quickly comes to his or her mind especially if he or she has made a Rwanda safari to Volcanoes national park before is the [...]

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What Happens Now After Hirwa’s Crossing into Uganda- Rwanda Gorilla Safari News

If you have been following recent developments in the tourism circles of East Africa, probably you’ve had of the fact one Rwanda gorilla safari gorilla families named Hirwa crossed borders into Uganda and now is currently habituating in the neighbouring Mgahinga Gorilla National Park of Uganda which shares its boundaries with Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. [...]

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10 Top-Notch Rwanda Safari Lodges to Look Out For On an Africa Safari to Rwanda – Rwanda Safari

Are you an upmarket traveller planning on making a Rwanda safari to any of Rwanda’s prime destinations which include Volcanoes National Park, Akagera National Park And Nyungwe Forest National Park? I am dedicating this article to you as it takes on on an incredible journey through some of the best luxury lodges you can opt [...]

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How Rwanda Has Sustained Its Eco Tourism Measures

Rwanda is eminent for its mountain gorillas in its Volcanoes National Park making the gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda the main tourist activity. Mountain gorillas are endangered species however; they are the most sought apes around the world. Mountain gorillas are a significant contribution to the nation’s travel and tourism industry thanks to events such [...]

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One Of The Best Rwanda Safari Experiences Are The Rwanda Cultural Safaris

Are you from a Rwanda gorilla safari tour and you would wish to close your day with joy? Rwanda gives you a chance to enjoy live performances from its different tribes. Being a small country, Rwanda has 2 major major tribes; Hutu and the Tutsi however, they also have the Batwa. All these 3 tribes [...]

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The Best 1 Day Rwanda Safari to Buhanga Forest Eco Park

Looking for a perfect place to spend your day in Rwanda during your Rwanda safari? There are many destinations in Rwanda where you can spend day including the capital city of Rwanda, the genocide memorial grounds, market places, eco-parks and many more. However, many travellers prefer silent beautiful places on their safari Rwanda. Amongst the [...]

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Frequently asked questions about tipping in Rwanda – Rwanda Safari News

Frequently asked questions about tipping in Rwanda - Rwanda Safari News Tipping in Rwanda is not mandatory but a traveler can tip anyone during their Rwanda safaris tour according to their will. Whether a Rwanda safari especially Rwanda gorilla safaris, wildlife safari Rwanda and birding safari Rwanda, a traveler meets several people who help them [...]

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