These gorilla tracking rules and regulations cut across through the gorilla tracking destinations of Uganda and Rwanda. These are designed to ensure the safety of gorillas and the satisfaction of travellers.
Before heading for tracking in the forest.
Eight (8) people are allowed to track each group of gorillas.Have your hands washed before departing for gorilla trekking.
On your way to gorillas:Desist from making loud sounds in the forest.
Desist from littering.You will reach where gorillas were seen yesterday and then trail them from there.Respond to guides alert message as you get closer to them.When you’re with gorillas:

Maintain 7m distance (21ft) from the gorillas to avoid disease transmission.

Keep in tight group when with gorillas.

Maintain low sounds & it is okay to ask the guide questions.

Desist from smoking, eating or drinking when with gorillas.

In case of aggression, follow guides instruction i.e. crouch slowly, desist from direct eye contact and give gorillas a way through. Avoid running.

Desist from flash photography. Watch your moves while taking photos.

Do not attempt to touch gorillas.

You have one hour to interact with gorillas. However, in case of charging the encounter can be ended prematurely.

Maintain sounds low for about 200m away after encountering them.
General health rules:

As a result of close DNA with humans, gorillas can easily contract human diseases thus it is important to note;

The daily carrying capacity of gorilla groups.

If sick or infected with any contagious disease, stay behind voluntarily. Alternate tracking will be arranged for you or refund will be made.

Turn way your head and close your mouth and nose in case of sneezing or coughing.

Keep the stipulated 7m gap from gorillas.

Desist from throwing rubbish including food packages in the gorilla habitats as they contain harmful bacteria.

Tell the guide to secure you a 30cm deep hole in case of a toilet need.

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