Short Rwanda Safaris – Short Tours Rwanda Short Safari Rwanda

Rwanda is 10,169 m² bordering the countries of Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and Burundi. Rwanda as a destination presents an opportunity for counts of short trips including the Kigali City tour where there are opportunities to explore the Kigali markets, the Gisozi genocide memorial and the general Kigali city landscapes, 1 day gorilla trekking excursion to Volcanoes National Park, 2 and 3 Days Rwanda Wildlife Safari encounter in the rolling savannah stretches of Akagera National Park, the 3 days Chimpanzee safari to Nyungwe Forest National Park among other magical short encounters.

The short Rwanda Safaris begin and end in Kigali but can be tailored to pick and drop off at the traveller’s point of interest. The short trips can be undertaken as conference and work shop breaks, weekend, breaks among others.

    Short Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safaris, Rwanda Gorilla Tour

    The short Rwanda Safaris can also allow you to visit more than one destination. For example on 5 day safari, one can visit Volcanoes National Park for Rwanda gorilla trekking and Akagera National Park for wildlife safari. On the same days, the traveller can visit Nyungwe National Park for Chimpanzee trekking and Volcanoes National Park for gorillas, Dian Fossey, golden monkeys and the beach relaxation on Lake Kivu.

    6 Days Rwanda Primate Safari

    The 6 day Rwanda Primate Safari gives tourists the opportunity to visit the Nyungwe Forest National Park to carryout chimp tracking as you see other primates, Volcanoes National Park for gorilla tracking. Read More

    5 Days Rwanda Uganda Combined Gorilla Tracking Safaris

    The 5 days safari will start and end in Kigali. It will involve gorilla tracking two times both in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and in Bwindi National Park in Uganda. Read More

    5 Days Rwanda Gorillas & Chimps

    It has been noted that sometimes chimpanzees in Nyungwe National Park may be unreliable, thus we as prime safaris it’s our pleasure to offer. Read More

    4 Days Rwanda Tour: Gorilla & Golden Monkeys Safari

    This 4 days safari tour in Rwanda incorporates the gorilla trekking encounter, the visit to the Banyarwanda cultural village – Iby’ iwachu, the golden monkey tracking. Read More

    4 Days Gorilla safari Adventure, Double gorilla tracking in Rwanda.

    This Rwanda gorilla safari presents you an opportunity to encounter Mountain gorillas twice in the mist of Volcanoes national park. Read More

    3 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari- Gorilla Trekking Tour

    This 3 days Rwanda gorilla safari is a combination of scenic viewing, gorilla trekking and the Kigali city tour. Transferring to Volcanoes National Park offers rewarding scenery. Read More

    This 2 days Rwanda gorilla safari is a mini-break holiday designed to suit the time constrained travelers.

    This 2 days Rwanda gorilla safari is a mini-break holiday designed to suit the time constrained travelers.. Read More

    2 Days Gorilla Trekking Tour

    This 2 days Rwanda gorilla tracking safari and cultural encounter involves a direct interface with the endangered mountain gorillas in the mist of Volcanoes National Park and the encounter of the Banyarwanda Culture at the Iby’wachu village. Read More

    Mini break / Short Gorilla Trek – 1 Day Gorilla Tracking Safari in Rwanda

    This one day gorilla safari tour to Rwanda is a perfect day break that will create memories that you will live to remember. Read More


    The 14 Days Rwanda safari is a comprehensive safari that incorporates scenery, wildlife, primates (gorillas, chimpanzees and colobus monkeys). Read More

    12 Days Rwanda Cultural Tours

    The 12 Days Rwanda safari is a detailed safari package that takes you around Rwanda exploring her range of natural and cultural attractions and activities. Read More

    10 Days Rwanda Tour Experience

    The 10 day Rwanda safari gives you the opportunity to track gorillas in Volcanoes National Park, Chimpanzee tracking in Nyungwe forest National Park, some historical areas in the city and so many others. Read More

    How to Know the Best Time for Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safaris -Rwanda Safari News

    The 10 days Rwanda – Uganda gorilla safari is an assemblage of various components that combine to make it stand out from other packages. Read More

    8 Days Rwanda Primate Safari

    Your safari will give you the opportunity to visit different historical places in Rwanda, visit the Nyungwe Forest for chimpanzee trekking and other primates, get to kibuye for the boat cruise and game drive, you will visit Volcanoes National Park for gorilla tracking and so many. Read More

    7 Days Cultural encounters, Chimpanzee and Gorilla Tracking Safaris in Rwanda

    The 7 day safari will expose you to Volcanoes National Park to enjoy the best gorilla tracking experience, you will visit Nyungwe Forest National Park for chimpanzee tracking. Read More

    Uganda Gorilla Trekking Safaris, Uganda Gorilla Tour

    Uganda is proud to be the single country in the world with the highest count of mountain gorilla Population. The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to the south west of Uganda is the main Uganda gorilla trekking safari destination with a minimum of 400 mountain gorillas among which twelve (12) gorilla families are habituated for tracking and more two are under habituation.

    10 days Uganda Wildlife Safari – Murchison Falls, Kibale, Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi & Mburo Safari-tour.

    This 10 days Uganda wildlife safari- tour is a perfect move to encounter the African game- the big five alongside the re-known ape species including the endangered mountain gorillas and the common chimpanzees. Read More

    7 Days Uganda Gorilla Tracking Safari

    The 7 days gorilla tracking Safari will start in Kigali and can end in Kigali, Rwanda or Kampala, Uganda. The trip involve tracking the mountain gorillas two times both in Bwindi National Park in Uganda and Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. Read More

    5 Days Uganda Wildlife and Gorilla Tracking safari in Uganda, Bwindi and Queen Elizabeth Parks

    This 5 days Uganda wildlife and gorilla safari presents an opportunity to encounter the magnificent wildlife of Uganda flourishing in their savannah habitats and a fine encounter with the remarkable Mountain gorillas of Bwindi forest- Uganda. Read More

    4 Days Uganda Gorilla Safari – Double gorilla tracking Adventure

    This 4 days Uganda gorilla safari provides you an opportunity to do gorilla tracking/trekking twice in Bwindi impenetrable national park – Uganda. Encountering these mountain gorillas on two consecutive times is a different experience all together. Read More

    3 Days Wildlife Safari Tour Murchison

    This 3 Days Murchison wildlife safari tour is a perfect escape tour to view the African game in their natural setting including the famous big five. Read More

    Rwanda Uganda Combined Safaris

    The destinations of Rwanda and Uganda are very diverse with considerable distinctiveness despite some similarity extent.

    Uganda features a count of ten (10) National Parks which is far higher than the 4 National Parks of Rwanda. Uganda features extensive savannah habitats including one of the Africa’s best parks – Kidepo Valley National Park in the north east of the country, Murchison Falls National Park with its world’s powerful Murchison Falls, the Big five of African big game with the Rhinos in the nearby Ziwa Sanctuary and the unique species of Rothschild Giraffes, the Queen Elizabeth National Park famous for the tree climbing lions in its southern sector of Ishasha and Lake Mburo National Park with great counts of Impala antelope, Burchell’s Zebra and Elands and the ideal destination for the walking safaris. These micro destinations present an ideal opportunity for extensive wild game viewing which is higher than that of Rwanda.

    18 days Uganda Rwanda gorilla safari

    The 18 days Uganda Rwanda gorilla safari is an active adventure that entails the water adventures of the Nile at Jinja, Murchison falls National Park encounter, the Chimpanzee trekking experience in Kibale National Park. Read More

    15 Days Rwanda Uganda Safari Gorilla Tracking Tour in Bwindi & Volcanoes

    The 15 days Rwanda Uganda safari is one of the long safaris that are designed to suit your interests in Uganda and Rwanda. This 15 days Rwanda Uganda Safari starts in Entebbe Uganda and ends in Kigali Rwanda. Read More

    8 Days Gorilla Tracking Safari in Rwanda and Uganda

    The 8 Days gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda & Uganda offers the opportunity to trek gorillas in both Rwanda and Uganda. Read More

    Gorilla Tracking Information

    The Gorilla Tracking Information gives an insight of the pre gorilla trek, during gorilla trek and post gorilla trek experience. The information helps any gorilla trekking safari traveller in both Uganda and Rwanda to know the procedure of arranging a gorilla trek, the conduct during the gorilla trekking encounter and the moment after the actual gorilla viewing. Read More

    Gorilla Facts

    The gorilla facts enables us to understand deeper into the lives of the critically endangered mountain gorillas including how they feed, how they mate & produce, how they adapt, how they socialise, the length of stay among other aspects. Read More

    Accessing Volcanoes National Park

    The connection to Rwanda’s gorilla trekking haven of Volcanoes National Park from the Rwanda’s capital Kigali takes three (3) hours to cover a distance of 116km. Read More

    Planning A Gorilla Tracking Tour

    To track gorillas in Bwindi, Mgahinga or Volcanoes National Parks, you are required to purchase a gorilla permit which must be booked in advance in order to avoid missing out since they are on high demand particularly during the peak season. Read More

    Mountain Gorilla Tracking & Trekking

    Literally interpreted as following in the footsteps of Mountain gorillas, Mountain gorilla tracking is the activity of following mountain gorillas until you come across them.The activity involves walking up to when the gorilla family was last sighted yesterday which will give the gorilla trackers the clear picture of the direction of mountain gorillas. Read More

    Mountain Gorilla Habitats

    Gorillas exclusively thrive in the dense tropical forests of Africa. Their distribution range is divided into distinct parts with 900km in between. Read More

    How Gorilla Families Are Allocated

    Gorilla families to trek in Rwanda are allocated depending on the personal characteristics like age, physical fitness and interests. Read More

    Gorilla Trekking Rules and Regulations

    These gorilla tracking rules and regulations cut across through the gorilla tracking destinations of Uganda and Rwanda. Read More

    Gorilla Families in Rwanda

    Rwanda is another hub of the world’s critically endangered mountain gorillas in her haven of Volcanoes national park. Read More

    Easiest Gorilla Family to Trek

    The question of the easiest gorilla family to trek comes along with difficulties in answering it. Most of the gorilla safari undertakers have been made to believe that Bwindi has hard gorilla families to trek and easy gorilla families to trek. Read More

    Discounted Gorilla Permit in Rwanda and Uganda

    Uganda offers discounted gorilla trekking permits especially in the low season most especially during the month of November. Read More

    Tourist Attractions And Activites In Uganda

    Positioned in the East of Africa, Uganda is a member of the East African Federation that is comprised of five countries including Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. Geographically, Uganda lies along the coordinates of 1 00N, 32 00E with coverage of 236,040 Sq. Km. Uganda is a land locked country thus it uses Kenya and Tanzania to get to the coast for her export and import business. Read More

    Booking Gorilla Permit in Uganda and Rwanda

    One cannot trek gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda, if he/she has not acquired gorilla trekking permit. Gorilla permit is a document that gives you the opportunity to encounter the world’s critically endangered mountain gorillas that dwell in the Uganda’s Bwindi and Mgahinga National Parks, Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park and the Congo’s Virunga National Park. Read More

    Best time To Track Gorillas

    The gorilla trekking encounter is possible all year round in the destinations where they are found. These include; Bwindi and Mgahinga National Parks in Uganda and Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. Sometimes, travellers prefer the drier months of June to September and December to February compared to the other months as a result of rain that always characterize those months. Read More

    Safari Lodges in Rwanda

    Nyungwe Forest View Lodge; This is an upmarket overnight facility situated on a raised landscape surrounded by tea plantation. Nyungwe forest lodge offers various amenities. Read More

    Rwanda Safari Tips

    Rwanda Tourism

    Rwanda is famously known for gorilla trekking safaris and was highly brought to popularity by the world’s leading conservationists like Dian Fossey in the 1960s and 1970s. Read More

    Rwanda Cultural & History

    Rwanda, positioned averagely on the Central African Plateau crossed borders to join the East African Federation together with Burundi particularly to gain an easy access to the coast and a wider market of the East African Countries. Read More

    Rwanda Flights

    Rwanda has got considerable flights that operate internationally and domestically enabling the travellers on safaris in Rwanda to transfer accordingly. With its national carrier Rwanda Air that has positioned its self in the region operating a hub and spoke approach, Rwanda can easily be accessed by Air transfer. Read More

    Rwanda Facts

    Rwanda is a republic country found in the east and Central Africa with a population of 11.2million as per the United Nations of 2012.. Read More

    Rwanda Medical Allowances

    Rwanda does not have a lot of emergency municipal medical response services. However, ambulances are present through SAMU and you need to call 912 from any mobile phone or via King Faisal Hospital on 078 830 9003.Read More

    Rwanda Safari Necessities

    Planning a safari to Rwanda would lure one to myriad of thoughts about what might be needed for him/her to undertake the safari.Read More